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Hello. My name is Christopher Hillger, I am the author of The Crystal Seal and The Candescent Vessel. Both are part of the larger work known as The Sage of Hytrae, which is a trilogy of novels.

I live with my wife and child in southern Ohio.  I graduated from DeVry University, in Columbus Ohio with my BS in Electronics Engineering Technology. Not your typical degree for authorship, but why limit creativity to one form or another?

I love to read books as well as write them.  Some of my other favored pass times include camping, hiking, and playing video games.

I began writing as a way to express emotion and tell a story with it.  Later I took one of these early partial manuscripts and finished it.  That manuscript is now known in its finished form of “The Crystal Seal”.  I continue to write in that series as well as create other partial manuscripts.  I hope that most of these manuscripts become as developed as his The Sage of Hytrae trilogy so that I can share those stories with everyone as well.


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