Running project updates

Last updated: 1/31/2017

The Crystal Seal and The Candescent Vessel are both published! They are the first two books in “The Sage of Hytrae” trilogy. They are released in print as well as kindle versions.

Book three in “The Sage of Hytrae” series (The final installment in the trilogy) is in the thick of being writen. I plan on this title being available no later than Q1 2017. I have been busy writing this book, and trying to keep up with a busy life since writing is still a spare time thing. Keep an eye out on my homepage to have the most up to date news on how things are going with this book!

Most of my other side projects are on hold while I continue focus on “The Sage of Hytrae” series, but that’s not to say that they don’t get any work done on them.

One side project (book) takes us to our world Earth, only a bit darker than the one we see now (Modern fiction). This title will take place in the not so distant future where the end of the age has begun.

Another side project (book-series) starts on earth but enters the stars beyond (Sci-fi fantasy). We will be following a young captain on his journey from one side of the galaxy to the other.

There are several other starts, but not a lot of concrete work has been done to those yet. I don’t plan to stop writing as long as people continue to enjoy my stories. I’m sure everyone will bore of them long before I run out of ideas for new tales, ha ha.


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