Running project updates

Last updated: 4/09/2019

The Crystal Seal, The Candescent Vessel, and The Sorcerer’s Gamble are published! They are all three books in “The Sage of Hytrae” trilogy. They are released in print as well as kindle versions.

I am working on selecting a new writing project to focus on. Current plans are to get a couple “stand alone” books written before we dive into another series.

(potential, but likely on hold due to research needed to write accurately): One side project (book) takes us to our world Earth, only a bit darker than the one we see now (Modern fiction). This title will take place in the not so distant future where the end of the age has begun.

(likely stand alone, might be one of the next couple that gets the love it deserves): Another side project (book-series) starts on earth but enters the stars beyond (Sci-fi fantasy). We will be following a young captain on his journey from one side of the galaxy to the other.

(likely stand alone but possible series, up for consideration for next project): In a near yet distant future reality is more than one location. In a world that is so connected that you can actually upload your mind into the computers, we follow a young pro gamer. Gamers are the new gladiators, and their competitions are fierce. Not everything is as glamorous as it seems, as cutthroat tactics often can effect some in more than just the virtual reality.

(likely stand alone, up for consideration for next project): Scifi meets fantasy in a twisted tale that answers most of life’s questions, but asks just as many of its own. Can you see yourself in the mirror? Then perhaps it is not too late for you. Come with me, into this dizzying adventure that will hop dimensions in order to save them all.

There are several other starts, but not a lot of concrete work has been done to those yet. I don’t plan to stop writing as long as people continue to enjoy my stories. I’m sure everyone will bore of them long before I run out of ideas for new adventures, ha ha.


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