The Sorcerer’s Gamble Update

Hey everyone,


I hope everyone has had a good week! Progress has been made on finishing the first draft. It’s shaping up nicely so I decided that next week I will have a little something special for all of you. I am working on writing a little promo for The Sorcerer’s Gamble, and all of you will get to see it first! Right now it will be just a written promo, but I am entertaining the idea of including some artwork as well. Let me know what you all think!


The Sage of Hytrae Book 3 Update

Hello everyone,

I know this is late, but at least its here now ha ha. TSH 3 will be having a new name (since it would appear that the name I mentioned back in Dec is already in use). The Sage of Hytrae Book 3 will be known as “The Sorcerer’s Gamble”! This was the previous working title I had for the project, and so I feel it is a good fit.

I have also been working on cover art for The Sorcerer’s Gamble, but it is still to early to share. The book itself will be released this summer, I need to set a date or I’ll never finish, and so I will be also announcing a release date today!

The Sorcerer’s gamble will be released June 26th! This will be the climatic conclusion of The Sage of Hytrae trilogy, mark your calendars the wait is nearly over!

My plan is to have the first draft finished by Easter this year (April 1st and this is no joke), and put it through the normal revision process I have used before (I think book 1 and 2 both had no less than 7 revs before release). I plan to get a version of the cover art out for everyone to see in April as well. Plus I will be going to more regular updates again starting this week (since this is the first post). Be sure to check back here on Fridays to see the most up to date announcements concerning TSH and other projects I’m working on!

2017 year in review

Hey everyone,

I would like to take this time to reflect on how this year has gone.  I must admit I have not been nearly as productive as I would have liked, but I know there is quality in what I have accomplished.  I have made good progress in finishing getting The Sorcerer’s Choice written (yes, that is the name of the third and final installment of The Sage of Hytrae!), I have no reason to believe that I won’t be able to finish this climatic ending to a great trilogy on time next year (well, it was supposed to be out this year but again, not as productive as I would have liked).

Looking to my life in general, I have a beautiful new son, Zach who is growing fast. My first born is becoming more independent at the age of 2 (not far from being 3 now). My wife is obviously over worked with two hands full, so that has meant that I am also with my hands full a lot of the time as well. I have been blessed by God with this family, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

I hope that in the next year God would continue to protect and bless my family and all of your families as well. He has his work cut out for him in helping me write, but he gave me this nearly endless creativity for a reason and so far writing is the best way for me to share the wonderful stories he allows me to weave and tell.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas, a safe and great holiday season, and a prosperous new year!

Last chance, Don’t miss out on getting this book for free!

Hello everyone!

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Hello everyone!

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The Candescent Vessel is available for Free!

Hello everyone!

Today marks the first day you can pick up The Candescent Vessel for free on kindle (and the kindle app). Just head over to amazon or your app and grab it now! Here is a convenient link to my book in case you have trouble finding it: The Candescent Vessel

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Happy Christmas everyone!

Hello everyone!

I would like to announce that The Candescent Vessel is going to be available for Free on Kindle (and the kindle app) from December 13, 2017 Until December 17, 2017! This is a great time to snatch the second novel in The Sage of Hytrae Trilogy, and don’t forget the first installment is only $4.99 on kindle (and kindle app) as well!


I would like to apologize about my absence this year.  Our newest addition has helped my oldest in taking up more time than I could have anticipated.  No worries though, everyone is healthy and happy (well happy most of the time). I would like to affirm that I have not abandoned writing, and I have squeezed it in whenever I could. Plan on the final part of my debut trilogy to come out in the first half of next year! I will update with a release date early in January. With cover art, and more announcements to follow after that. This is exciting, and I hope everyone has a merry Christmas, and happy holidays. Please enjoy this free kindle copy of my book, and I hope to see you all again real soon!

Site updates

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to check in and let everyone know that the site updates I mentioned before are now live. There is one exception in that the new banner is not up yet, I am still batting around ideas for that section. The current projects, and About Hytrae are both updated. The most notable update was clarified geographical information about the five nations of Hytrae. The more detailed information will also be in the final installment of The Sage of Hytrae.


I hope to check in in the next week or two and get everyone an official title, and hopefully a release date! I hope you have a great week, and keep reading great stories!

January Update

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to make sure I got in with everyone before it got to late in the month.  I have been busy working on Book 3 in The Sage of Hytrae trilogy.  Sadly I’ve not decided on a name yet, normally one becomes apparent to me around where I am in writing it though so I might be back soon with a name 🙂

Soon after I get the first draft done I will be getting the new artwork worked out, which will include a new banner on at the least, maybe another site overhaul but I do seem to like the current layout right now. Exciting things either way, I will be updating some of the other pages on the site in the coming weeks and months as well. The more I write and develop this wonderful world the more I want to share. While this story will be concluded in the book I am writing, I do not believe that is the only tale Hytrae has for us. More to come in both departments.

I hope everyone is having a safe and warm January!

December update

Hey everyone,


I am sorry that I have been pretty quiet lately. Life is getting busier as I’m sure it is with everyone around this time of year.  I have been making progress on the final installment in The Sage of Hytrae trilogy. I’m hoping to release the final name for book 3 in or before January, with a synopsis soon after. Just finding the time to buckle down will be the biggest factor in getting this third book out to everyone.  Thank you all again for the support, it would be so much harder without it! 🙂