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The Crystal Seal Available Now!

Today is the day!

Be sure to check out The Crystal Seal!  You can click the “where to buy” link and there are different links there so you can pick where you wish to purchases it from 😀

From: Kindle should be available in hours,

From: Amazon should be a few days (I had been quoted incorrect numbers of the amount of days earlier, should be 3-5 days)

From: Other Stores and Libraries is 6 or so weeks

From: Createspace estore is available now!


The Crystal Seal Releases Tomorrow!

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is as excited as I am about The Crystal Seal releasing tomorrow.  I have done an extensive amount of work in order to get the kindle version ready to release at the same time 😀

After several document versions, and lots of special formatting; I am happy to say that kindle version should be available tomorrow, as well as, the printed version from create space.

As a reminder, other distributors should receive the book too but I’ve been told that several of them could take fifteen or more days for it to show up in their catalogs.   I will update the “how to buy” section when I can find links from other distributors.

Have a happy Monday!

Availability on Kindle

Hello everyone!

I just thought I would let everyone know, that I plan to have The Crystal Seal available on Kindle on the release date as well.  It has turned out to be a slightly more difficult venture tying to get the formatting to like that digital format, but I am working on it.

Might be worth mentioning that while the book will be available at bookstores and, it might take some time for them to show up in such places (I’ve been told around 10-15days).  The book will be available from the eStore and kindle on the launch date! (link on the left under “How to purchase / Where to buy”

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Release Date Announced!

Hello everyone!

Good news, I can finally say for sure we will be releasing The Crystal Seal this month (just barely though).  The Release date will be Tuesday 3-31-15.  I hope everyone gets a chance to check it out!  I will be adding a new page here on the site to link to the Createspace eStore, and I will be adding a link for the kindle version as well.

The physical book will be $9.99 and the kindle version will be $5.99


3-16-15 Update on The Crystal Seal

Hello everyone!

Minor miracle today.  I am actually making my update on Monday as scheduled 😀

I should receive the “final” proof this week from the book printer, so I thought I should let everyone know where they will be able to buy the book on or after its release date (still pending).

The Crystal Seal will be available on Amazon, Kindle, Create Space store (Create Space is directly from the printer, I will have a link added to this site the week before the release), and available for order at most major Book stores (I don’t have anyone setup for consignment but it will be in the database that they can add or sell from).  And of course ask your local Library if they can order the book so you can borrow and read it.

3/11/15 Crystal Seal Update

Hello everyone!

I am happy to say that the last proof is on its way.  Once the review of it is complete I can set a release date, I might still have a couple things to check but the next version is final.  I am still planing by the end of March.  Hope everyone gets to read it soon!

Weekly ish update 3/3/2015

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the delay of updates.  Life was very busy in the later half of febuary.  We got to welcome my first born into this world.  I’m real excited to get to help my little boy grow up.

I am hoping to finish the review process soon, and publish later this month! stay tuned.