Monthly Archives: May 2015

Late May Update

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone had a good memorial day, and had a chance to reflect and honor our troops both past and present.

The Sage of Hytrae Book 2 is coming along.  I am working on some information and artwork from within the Hytrae world.  I hope to have this available both on here and on my facebook page.

Let me know in the comments if there is something that you would like more information about.  😀


Early May Update

Hi Everyone, I am sorry for the delay in this post.  I should have posted this last Monday.

The Crystal Seal (available all over now) having been released and the first Rev completed and approved, its time to begin posting information for the follow up!

The Sage of Hytrae Book 2 (that is the series title, the book title is still pending), is underway and I have been making good progress.  I was sick most of last week, and I am still feeling some leftover effects, but I hope to get some related materials or artwork posted soon.  Stay tuned!