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Of Faith and Fiction

Hey everyone,

I wanted to get one more post in this month. So this is something of a more philosophical post than most of my posts. So fair warning, and disclosure out of the way lets get into this.

Faith and Fiction, one is a story you believe, the other is one you wish you could believe (well, most of the time haha). I’m not going to discuss the reasons or evidence for faith. Instead, I plan to cover the connections and the reason they are not the same, yet often intermingled.

When I was set up at my booth at Old Timer’s days this year someone who stopped to talk to me said something I couldn’t quite respond to. So if you weren’t aware, my books cover a bit of fictional magic. A bit haha, ok it is arguably a large plot point. What this person said was, because of their faith they felt it was a reason such a subject couldn’t be covered in the fiction they read.

Which I was so stricken by, I stumbled around the reasons that shouldn’t matter (especially in my story, but all stories really). I mean, I am a christian author after all, which is the faith the person felt conflicted with the very idea of magic.

The God of this world, is the God who gave us our creativity and inspired the very idea of magic. I mean the scriptures gave the foundations of what magic could be, and where it comes from.

Before anyone raises pitchforks and torches, let me explain. The magic in fiction is NOT the type of magic the bible rebukes. It is a made up world not our reality that fiction takes place in. On top of this, fiction is an escape from our reality and that should be enough to make the distinction.

That short rant out of the way, lets dive deeper.

I can point out so many parallels of how fiction repaints our world to teach and to entertain. So let’s do a little of that shall we?

In Doctor Who, the Doctor is the only one of his kind (in most of the episodes), can exist at any point in time, and has two hearts. I would argue that his character is an eccentric depiction of the God of our universe. The bible suggests that God exists outside of time, so he exists and is present throughout it. That He is the only true God and is alone in this distinction. Lastly, according to the bible, God created Adam in his image. When he made Eve, he took Adam’s side out and put it into Eve to give Eve life. Could that have been that Adam had a second Heart that was given to Eve? That is a romantic idea, but I don’t have more than the idea. You see some parallels though.

That is only one example. And yes, there are many ways that fiction separates from reality. From alien landscapes, to non existent creatures, to magical abilities. They all have some level of grounding in our world though, there are limits to what our minds can create.

There are fans who make religions out of works of fiction. This is a product of a deep desire to connect to something bigger than ourselves. That is commonly described as a God shaped hole, that a person longs to fill with something.

Well that’s all the time I have today. I hope to cover more writing related subjects very soon.

Until next time, may God bless you and keep you.

What to do about writers block

So here we are again. Back at the old writing of helpful insights…

So what do I write now? I had an idea eariler but it was for a different topic or story. Should I go develop that? I am getting no where here on this project…

Hey everyone,

If those starting sentences sounded familiar you might have some experience with “writer’s block”. That old foe that plagues even the most successful of authors. Can we slay him? Maybe not, but we can seal him away again.

So first things first, what is writers block?

Well as the name implies it is a mental block that seems to have wedged itself between your mind, creativity, and your physical action of writing. This subconscious mental state can be as frustrating as it is perverse. The mental block can even affect and effect other parts of your day to day life.

In short, you desire to push your creativity and capabilities in one direction, and you receive unexpected resistance.

So what do you do to get rid of it?

Thank you for asking!

Well to get rid of it, stop pushing against it…

Not super helpful huh?

Okay, let me help by explaining more.

Your mind, my mind, and The mind, all tend to wonder.

Your mind is drifting from thinking about your project, to the conversation earlier with that one person, to the sale at the store, to how you needed more sleep, the conversation you overheard, that person that annoys you, why is there so much of that color of paint these days, how you need more sleep, what your going to eat next meal…

You see my point? You can’t focus on all that at once, so the mind is fluid and drifts around.

Step one. Take a deep breath. Let’s begin.

So first try to identify why you can’t focus. This is almost always internal (no matter how much that person clicking the pen 10 feet from you grates on your nerves). What is worrying you? Little tasks that need done? Make a short plan to deal with it, and stick to that plan.

Feel better? No? Yeah me either, so lets continue.

Next if you’re fixated on another idea, write a quick overview of it. Maybe it really is your next great idea that will change your life… Probably not, but an overview should spark the idea back up if it really is a good idea to start with.

After that doesn’t work, change your environment. A short walk, and think about the things you see or encounter (not about the project, or deadline). 10 min later, go back to the project. But instead, reread some of it, or the reread the assignment, or both.

Next, remember that thing that inspired this story? Try to. Was it a conversation, situation, or something else? If the details are fuzzy, try and reexperince it (as best you can).

Now write something. Build something in the story. Set a scene, describe a landmark, or introduce a character. Like Chris, the unhelpful troll who doesn’t understand your problems. What’s he look like? What does he sound like?

HEY! What are you doing? Is that writing you’re doing? How’d that happen?

No more writers block if you follow steps like those. All of them, and don’t skip, it’s a process. It really does work, hasn’t failed me yet.

Was this helpful? Yes or No, and let me know if you have your own process down in the comments.

Until next time. May God bless you and keep you.

Bumper stickers are here

The Sage of Hytrae bumper stickers are in. I will be selling these at my booth for $1, or giving them away with book sales. Headed into town now to setup.

Day one is done

First day at OTD is over, and it was a hot one. I enjoyed talking to the several visitors I had today. Since it’s a school night I shut down a little early to get the kids home and in bed. Tomorrow I hope to be open from about noon and into some of the later hours.

Here’s a picture of the booth!

OTD starts tomorrow!

Hey everyone,

I will be setting up at Old Timers day festival in Peebles, Ohio tomorrow. The festival officially kicks off late afternoon the same day. Be sure to stop by if you are in the area!

Meant to get this posted Saturday when they came in, but the new bookmarks are here!

If you find me at any of the festivals (including OTD this year) I will have these on hand to pass out!

As you can see it has the trilogy artwork and book titles on the front. On the back is my picture (from the back of the books, I really should get an updated picture for the next book release), a brief bio, list of published books and my website at the bottom.

I should have some bumper stickers to bundle with book sales, or sold separately for $1. They are still in the mail, but should be delivered by tomorrow. I will upload pictures of those once they arrive as well.

I am excited to get to meet anyone and everyone at the festival 😁

Until then, May God bless you, and please don’t feed the Jacobs