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The Crystal seal is now available at bookstores!

Exciting news everyone!

I am super excited to announce that I have found The Crystal Seal on the online bookstores of several bookstores.  I have added a few to the where to buy page, and I am linking a few here as well!

Barnes and Noble:

Powell’s City of Books:


Another Weekly update

Sorry guys and gals for being a day late here.

I hope everyone is or has enjoyed “The Crystal Seal”, if not links on where to find it are on the left 😀

I have been working on Book 2 in the “Sage of Hytrae” series (no title for book 2 yet), and I will be adding detail on that and other projects in the coming weeks.

I apologize in advance if my post become more sporadic in the next few weeks and months, working on getting so many things ready at once takes up a fair amount of my time (since I still keep a day job as well).  I hope to get more info to you guys soon 😀

4-6-15 Update

I would just like to thank everyone for the support and those who have bought the book.

Thank you.

And if you haven’t had a chance yet be sure to check it out, available now on Amazon, eStore, and Kindle!

The Crystal Seal Available Now!

Today is the day!

Be sure to check out The Crystal Seal!  You can click the “where to buy” link and there are different links there so you can pick where you wish to purchases it from 😀

From: Kindle should be available in hours,

From: Amazon should be a few days (I had been quoted incorrect numbers of the amount of days earlier, should be 3-5 days)

From: Other Stores and Libraries is 6 or so weeks

From: Createspace estore is available now!