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Weekly Update 2/2/15

I am happy to say I am ready to release additional information about the first book.  It’s named The Crystal Seal, it is book one of The Sage of Hytrae trilogy.  Below is the Synopsis.

Cyan just turned 14. This is the beginning of manhood, for a Huma in the world of Hytrae. He has always wanted to become a mage, but magic was all but forbidden in his town of Coppervain. The town was destroying the last magic instruction tomes from the cathedral. Cyan and his friend, Lucy, manage to steal one of the books. They were caught by the town leader (who also happens to be Lucy’s father), Cyan was ran out of town for his devotion to magic. Alone and looking for a teacher, Cyan sets out on his first adventure as a man. Knowledge, love, power, and sorrow await him as he learns what it takes to become a mage…