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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi everyone!

I wanted to wish everyone a safe and good Thanksgiving. I know a lot of people are planing on shopping Friday as well, I hope that everyone has a safe trip and no one is injured (Black Friday can be pretty crazy). Remember to spend time with your family if you can this holiday, it is part of the reason we have it.


Late update

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the late update. I have lots of excuses from illness to Fallout 4, but those don’t matter right now. I hope everyone has had a chance to read the Synopsis for The Candescent Vessel. I am happy to report that the first draft of the manuscript is finished. I am now taking the all important steps to ensure quality through review. This process will take some time so I ask everyone to be patient.

The Candescent Vessel Synopsis

A cry wakes Lucy on the day after her coming of age ceremony. Cyan, a childhood friend, is in trouble. He is planning on becoming a mage and the whole town now knows it.¬†Mages are not popular in the little town of Coppervain.¬†She helps him get part of the last magic tome, then Cyan flees town. Before Lucy can even find out where he is going, fate strikes a second time. Light magic awakens within her, and she is sent off to the eastern monastery to discover her own destiny…
That is the synopsis of The Candescent Vessel (Book 2 in The Sage of Hytrae trilogy). Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Happy Halloween

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the late post. I hope everyone had a good and safe Halloween, and Dia de los Muertos.

This time of year is only celebrated in the kingdom of Nazrill. In that country it is custom to have a small ceremony for all your love ones who have already passed on. The ceremony includes a few words about each one whom your honoring, and a dinner where empty plates are left for each of those members. At some time during the ceremony a member of the family will dress up as a ghost or some other frightful creature, and try to scare other members of the family. This is done in good humor, and the first one to guess who it is in costume gets a special treat.