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The Crystal Seal Officially recognized by Lib of Congress!

Hey everyone!

It’s official, I have been recognized by the as the owner of the copyright for The Crystal Seal! It took some time after I submitted it, and I didn’t have to submit for copyright.  Since I wrote it, I am already the owner of the copyright. This just means that I am recognized as the official author, and that can hold up in court easier now. 😀

I plan to do this for all my books, and I hope the process goes as smoothly next year with book 2 in the series.



Hytrae Calendar

Hi everyone!

I am posting some information about the calendar of Hytrae today. I will put this info into the about Hytrae section as well. As noted by Cyan in The Crystal Seal, there are 470 Days in one year. Hytrae has four seasons much like our own, winter, spring, summer and autumn.  I have a image below of the calendar year in which the first two books take place.

Hytrae Calendar

Spring begins on the 19th of Zeho.

Summer begins on 40th Firean.

Autumn begins on the 20th of Seth.

Winter begins on the 40th of Ginhay, also the last day of the year.





SoH2: Title released!

Hi Everyone!

I am happy to announce that the second book in my Sage of Hytrae series will be called: The Candescent Vessel. Like the first title you won’t know the reason behind the name, until you have read at least part of the book. Speaking of which, The Candescent Vessel is coming along, I hope to be able to release more details about when it will be released, and other details soon. Until then, thank you for all the support and I hope to see you all in Hytrae again soon!

The Sage of Hytrae Book 2 (TSoH2) Update 1

Hi everyone!

I wanted to let everyone know how Book 2 was coming along. It is on schedule as of right now for the manuscript to be done well before the end of the year. My plan is to publish it first quarter of 2016. In the next few weeks I will be posting more details about this, as well as, the information that I released if you made it out to our booth at OTD. Stay tuned!