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A synopsis for The Sorcerer’s Gamble

Hey everyone!

Sorry I didn’t get this out last week. Between working long hours at work, and fighting with KDP to get the print to look right (I’m about half way through that fight right now), I just didn’t have time to post until now.

I have sent the manuscript to the copyright agency, so the ball is rolling there. I will continue to get more done on the artwork side this week as I am able. I am hoping to have new banners for both this site and facebook.

Anyway, I am posting the synopsis from the back cover of my book below to give a little tease of what is to come later this month. Enjoy!


Mistar recovered a lost research tome that reveals the plot to bring Hytrae into darkness. He must race to alert the orders of magic before it is too late! During this time, Cyan and Lucy have trained over the winter at the Northern Monastery. Lucy easily passed her trials but Cyan has yet to attempt them. Three must stand at the end of the age, and Fate has a way of forcing you hand….


The Crystal Seal Officially recognized by Lib of Congress!

Hey everyone!

It’s official, I have been recognized by the as the owner of the copyright for The Crystal Seal! It took some time after I submitted it, and I didn’t have to submit for copyright.  Since I wrote it, I am already the owner of the copyright. This just means that I am recognized as the official author, and that can hold up in court easier now. 😀

I plan to do this for all my books, and I hope the process goes as smoothly next year with book 2 in the series.