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Update for December…

Hey Everyone,


Sorry that I have been absent the past two months. Lots of reasons, mostly battling some mental blocks. Not writers block, but motivation issues, I could use taking some of my own advice there for sure. Mental health is so difficult to manage at times.


Anyway, I’m hoping to get the newsletter up and going soon, but something has caused me to not do it yet. The Original forums has been attacked by bots, I know due to repeat entries, added messages, not using anything close to a name in the name field, and such. I’ve added a drop down menu that you have to change, so I’m resetting the list so if you have signed up before please do so again. Of course, If you gave me your email in person via an event, then I still have your email and you do not have to resubmit.


Writing has slowed down, I’ve been doing some creative writing but nothing that could be published (more fun fan-fiction type stuff, nothing adult though, sheesh). I hope to pick up again soon with a few different ideas, mostly the title I’ve announced I’m working on already, and some Hytrae related stories and structure. I hopefully can get some more info out soon to everyone.


I do have plans of making my way to a con of some kind early next year. No decisions have been made on which one, and I am still looking around. If anyone has some suggestions please leave a comment down below. Doesn’t have to be a place to setup a booth or something at, just something related to the scifi/fantasy genre in some way. comic/game/anime doesn’t much matter to me, I haven’t been to a proper convention in several years and really need to get back into them.


I’m afraid that’s all the updates I have today, hopefully I can get my tail in gear and start the weekly blogs back up in some capacity.


Until next time, may God bless you and keep you.


More information on The Sage of Hytrae Series

Hi Everyone!

You might have noticed that over the past week a new tab has appeared on the top of my page. It was brought to my attention at the Event earlier this month, that a person looking for information about the series had to dig quite a lot to find anything about the books themselves. So to remedy this, I have added the “About Hytrae” tab at the top of the page. This will have lots of good info about The Sage of Hytrae series, and the would it takes place in. It will contain as much spoiler free information as I can get out, and will be updated from time to time with more info. I hope this makes life easier for those trying to find out a little about the series. Thanks for the feedback!

Updated site!

I appreciate all the support over these past few months.  I am planing to begin more regular updates from now on (at least weekly, updating on Mondays).  The site has a fresh new feel, and I hope everyone likes it!  I have an exciting update planned for Monday so I hope everyone will have a chance to check that out!  Have a nice weekend!